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Questions Marketing Must Answer

When it comes to high likelihood that your next consumer is multicultural, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Do you really understand this consumer? 

2. Do you understand her category-specific motivations, behaviors and needs? 

3. Are you activating with culturally fluent brand equities that drive cross-over appeal?

The Essentials of Cultural Marketing

The foundation of our work is a collection of insights revealing empirically rigorous insight into diversity of America consumers.

Latinum provides the Essentials of Multigeneration Marketing covering Hispanic, Black, Asian demographics. GenYZ provides the Essentials of Generation Marketing covering, Gen Z, and Millennials demographics.

Four sets of presentation materials are available for each demographic, Demographics & Expenditure, Cultural Attributes & Group Traits, Passion Points and Media.

The Category Essentials

Our Category Essentials reveals how consumers’ attitudes and preferences vary across ethnicity and generation within each category.

Category Essentials are grounded in large-scale semi-annual category-specific surveys, providing deep coverage on topics that matter most to our members as a supplement our Essentials of Cultural Marketing. We augment these surveys with curated secondary research to identify the insights brands need by category to connect with diverse consumers.

Categories/industries covered include: Food & Beverage, Alcoholic Beverages, Media, Telecom, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Home Care, Personal Care, Auto, Financial Services, and Health Care.

The Cultural Fluency of Ads and Brands

Our vision is to build a database that measures the Cultural Fluency of our member’s brands, their advertising and the brands and ads of category peers.

By building a database on the Cultural Fluency of America’s leading brands and ads we hope to motivate more inclusive marketing across every category. 

We combine monthly syndicated presentations with rankings in a specific category, with selected case studies.  Members nominate ads and brands for inclusion, and can get one free report for any brand or ad. 

Cultural Fluency Solutions

We recognize that no matter how comprehensive, syndicated research into categories, brands and ads will not answer all your questions, nor should it.

For this reason, we have provide a full-service custom research service offering quantitative surveys, qualitative research and ethnographies, analytics and projections, and strategy engagements. 

Our Cultural Fluency Roadmap provides an integrated suite of custom engagements that can help every brand win in this new world. Begin now with a custom size or prize analysis, go deep with a custom BrandRate project, align and educate teams with our Cultural Fluency Workshops.

Products & Services

Ad & Brand Testing

Assess the cultural fluency of your ads and brands with AdRate & BrandRate.

Custom Market Research

Tailored solutions delivered by our full-service, bilingual Qualitative and Quantitative research teams.

Cultural Fluency Roadmap

Identify greatest opportunities for growth. Build deep, authentic connections.

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