African American Beauty Trends – A Webinar with Google

Have you ever wondered what African American women care about when it comes to beauty and how to speak effectively to this audience?  We recently partnered with Google to co-host a webinar for leading brands and creative agencies to uncover what African American women are doing online to inform their beauty routines and purchases. The companies shared powerful insights and messaging recommendations to help brands connect with this critical segment.

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The Millennial Path to Purchase: Personal Care & Beauty

As part of our Generational Shopper series we present the millennial path to purchase of personal care and beauty. Our findings take you through the shopping journey from catalyst to loyalty. Learn how millennials shop differently both intra- and inter-generationally for these products.

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An Inside Look at the Hispanic Beauty Journey


Today’s beauty campaigns encourage consumers to embrace diverse beauty standards and think beyond stereotypes.  As the U.S. Hispanic population grows, it’s important to note key differences and similarities between Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers.  To tease out the nuances of culture as it relates to beauty, we asked the women on our consumer panel about their shopping habits, product usage, and influencers in the category.

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