The Three-Step Process that Leads to Cultural Fluency

1.  Culture influences all consumer preferences, from what foods we enjoy to how we plan for the future.  Collage leverages our proprietary Cultural Attributes framework, which covers powerful social constructs like Exceptionalism and Anxiety, to help brands understand, anticipate and influence consumer decision-making within their categories.  We assess a company’s fluency by cultural attribute, by segment, by brand, by business element (i.e., reason to believe/brand promise, messaging, product, influencers/ambassadors, distribution, etc).

2.  We understand that the success of future advertising will require unlearning past biases in both execution and measurement. Our AdRate methodology puts culture at the root of advanced machine learning and facial tracking technology, identifying opportunities for your brand to master what matters within and across segments.

3.  Based on the output of the cultural attributes assessment and AdRate performance, Collage develops a customized cultural fluency playbook and roadmap, designed specifically for your brand portfolio.  We identify those areas for cultural fluency  improvement and prioritize them based on where the greatest opportunity lies to drive brand growth.  We then layout a plan for how to effectively go after these key growth segments via go-to-market strategies optimized for deep and authentic connections with your target consumers.