Culturally Fluent Ad Testing is Now a Must

The Challenge

Legacy norms and sample bias used in conventional ad testing can exacerbate a cultural disconnect between your brand and the consumers you need to grow.

 The Opportunity

Understand the deep cultural and emotional influences that inform how consumers from different cultural backgrounds process ads.

Without Cultural Fluency, Brands Risk Major Backlash

The cultural transformation of the American consumer poses major creative challenges in advertising. Do your ads have what it takes to connect with diverse America?

Pepsi | Spring 2017

Dolce & Gabbana | Winter 2018

Peloton | Fall 2019

The AdRate service included as part of any Collage subscription provides subscribing brands with one detailed report on how well any brand of choice resonates with consumers using our Cultural Fluency Quotient, as well as an overview of ad ranking for each racial and ethnic segment.

We also provide category overviews every month revealing how a selection of ad performance for each racial and ethnic segment.

The Pillars of AdRate

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Advertisers use AdRate to develop more efficient campaigns and executions

Find the sweet spot in nuance, storyline and representation that links different cultural perspectives while deepening cultural resonance. 

Contact us to discuss how AdRate can help you, whether you need to get more from your integrated campaigns or improve the performance of targeted campaigns.

Measure Cultural Fluency

The core of AdRate is the Cultural Fluency Quotient, a powerful new metric that better predicts favorability and purchase intent, based on three key experiences felt by survey respondents that reflect their cultural perspective.

Use CFQ to understand how your executions are helping you pivot to be more inclusive of growth consumers while ensuring you maintain your connection to core consumers. Build Culturally Fluent creative that avoid the risks of the Resonance Trap or the Risky Pivot

CFQ shows high correlation with post-view favorability and purchase intent.

Quantify Groundswell and Backlash

The insights obtained by the Cultural Fluency Quotient are amplified through the use of two additional metrics innovations which we call Groundswell and Backlash

These upgrade  conventional brand favorability metrics by quantifying the degree to which an ad can actually “flip” perception from positive to negative or vice versa. 

A startling 20% of consumers experience such a “flip” about a brand after watching just one ad

Understand Why Segments Process Ads Differently

Topline metrics and the norms that can be built with them are useful but insufficient because they incorporate sample biases and legacy approaches to advertising that are increasingly suspect in today’s highly polarized and rapidly evolving marketplace.

We use machine learning to reveal why different groups process ads the way they do.  Our approach has revealed powerful new insights into the power of authentic stories, the role of representation and which emotions are most beneficial to activate and which are riskiest to elicit.

Break through the conventional wisdom that makes for forgettable creative and provide the creative direction you need to stand out in your category.

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