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Cultural Fluency: A Revolutionary New Framework for Winning in Today’s America

As part of our 2017 executive Roundtable series, co-hosted by Google and A+E Networks, we unveiled a new framework for understanding culture in America. For years, marketers have been looking at culture through an ethnic-only lens. This no longer works. It’s time to look at consumers from a much broader vantage point. And that’s where Cultural Fluency comes […]

Essentials of Asian Marketing Part 2: Values and Passion Points

Due to the growing interest in U.S. Asian consumers, brands and marketers are asking: Is there a pan-Asian identity or culture? What are their values and passions? Do Asian consumers need or even want in-language or in-culture services? Who influences their purchasing decisions? Should we target the Asian segment as a whole, or only specific […]

Supporting our Neighbors and Friends

At Collage Group, we have the privilege of employing and partnering with people from across the globe.  The recent spate of natural disasters in the southern United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico is particularly close to our hearts given our deep ties to those areas. Many have asked us how they can help in the […]

Getting Inside the Mind of the Gen-Z Shopper

Today’s youngest consumer generation—gen-Z—is uniquely heterogeneous, with 13-year-olds relying on weekly allowances and 21-year-olds about to graduate college. Yet despite being in varying life stages, they share a consumer naïveté that binds them together as they explore and develop their emerging shopping independence.

The Millennial Path to Purchase: Household Products

In the latest installment of the millennial shopper deep dive, we break down the household products path to purchase.  From the motivations that trigger a shopping trip to the actual purchase and eventual restart of the cycle.  This is the latest in our millennial shopper series, where we also cover food and beverages, and personal care & […]